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InformNYC is on a mission to revitalize NYC by bringing transparency to voters and representation to those wishing to have their voices heard at City Hall.

Our organization was founded in January 2021 and has grown to include (as of 03.05.21) twelve exceptional community organizations, who represent the concerns of more than 70,000 New Yorkers. We are working to ensure true representation is brought back to our great city.

InformNYC is focused on electing responsible candidates who have a viable plan to address the homelessness crisis and serious mental illness, crime and safety, small business decline, education, and the fiscal outlook for our city. The current DeBlasio administration has squandered billions of dollars trying to address these issues, only to fail in all of these areas.

The homeless crisis has grown from 50,000 people on the streets to almost 80,000 while private organizations, providers, and hoteliers have profited. Citywide spending on homelessness more than doubled between 2014 and 2019 to $3.2 billion as did shelter costs over that same period, reaching $1.9 billion in 2019.  There have been documented cases of private companies taking large private contracts to offer housing and services to the homeless and mentally ill, only to find those services not being offered at all. The homeless should not be seen as dollar signs, waiting to be cashed in on, but there needs to be a plan to put New Yorkers tax dollars to good use helping those less fortunate.

This is one example of how the current extreme progressive agenda has failed to meet the very population they claim to serve. As InformNYC is able to reach more NYC residents, we often hear that those people the progressive activists claim to be helping, receive little to no help at all.  Our organization will strive to represent the voices of those concerned about the vulnerable populations being denied the help they need.

Safety should be the right of every New Yorker.  Catch phrases like, “Defund the Police,” are divisive and do nothing to bring justice or stability to a difficult situation. Instead of pitting people against each other, bringing together leaders from different communities to speak on their experiences should be the way forward. Unfortunately the current administration claims to speak for people who are not only frustrated by their misrepresentation, as articulated by many Black City Council members, but seek to offer real solutions instead of slogans.

Our children’s education has also suffered greatly at the hands of local leadership. Thousands of families have fled the city in the past few years due to the decline in the NYC school system in terms of both education and safety. Politicians continue to work at chipping away at the few programs that provide opportunity for all children in the city, such as the accelerated learning and gifted programs. It’s time for politicians to get smart about what families want and deserve in order to keep them in the city.

The backbone of NYC streets has always been the small businesses that line the streets of our neighborhoods.  Many organizations and individuals are on standby to find out how they can help businesses survive in their neighborhoods. City Council members and the DeBlasio administration have sat back and watched this happen to our streets. They do not care. We must find and elect representatives willing to fight for our small businesses, otherwise there will be nothing left to save.

Democrats make up 70% of the NYC voting base, and so it is in our best interest to find moderate Democrats who are willing to speak for the majority of the population, not the extreme views on either side. We see few Republicans and Independents enter the race, and they do not get the benefit of Primaries. InformNYC will help to build transparency around where each of these candidates stand on the issues you care about, so that you can cast your vote with confidence in the next election.

We look forward to keeping you updated on our important mission. To stay informed on where candidates stand on the issues, sign up for a weekly update.