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Press Release · InformNYC Responds To Defection Of DA Candidates From Forum

For Immediate Release: Thursday, May 6, 2021

InformNYC is a platform that aggregates information so voters can learn where candidates stand on the key issues facing New York City. Our goal is to democratize the access all New Yorkers have to candidates and their positions viewed through the lenses of mental health, public safety, education, small business and the fiscal health of New York City, allowing voters to make informed decisions.

This week, four candidates running for the office of Manhattan District Attorney pulled out of an InformNYC forum because of a disinformation campaign by far-left activists. This was an attempt by the far-left to silence hard-working, well-meaning groups whose views run counter to the far-left’s agenda. What is happening here in New York City — the attempt to drown out any and all contrary voices by burying them in a torrent of vile accusatory falsehoods, thereby dodging any earnest debate — is a microcosm of what is going on in many cities in our nation and should be extraordinarily worrisome to anyone who cares about the role discourse must play in a democratic society.

InformNYC brings groups with differing viewpoints together to seek solutions that truly serve the best interests of communities citywide. To the four candidates who dropped out of the forum, caving to pressure without the facts or the fortitude to stay in a conversation they could not control, to you we say that your unwillingness to engage in open, honest discourse disqualifies you for any office.

InformNYC is focused on good change made possible by an open exchange of ideas. All ideas. It is disappointing that the architects of the plan to dismantle the InformNYC DA forum did not feel similarly.  We will however carry on.

InformNYC intends to hold a Manhattan DA forum on May 11th, to discuss the future of criminal justice in New York City.  Our forum can be accessed on at 7pm. This information is provided at no cost to all New Yorkers and the open-to-all forums may be accessed either live or viewed later on our YouTube Channel.

“Ultimately, this is about everyday New Yorkers standing up against information suppression and extremists who attempt to silence any discourse. We believe that all sides of all issues deserve to be heard,” says Nicole Palame spokesperson for InformNYC.

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