Michelle Caruso-Cabrera

Former Democratic Candidate for New York City Comptroller

Michelle Caruso-Cabrera is an international award-winning news reporter and television anchor, renowned for her financial expertise, covering financial crises all over the world as Chief International Correspondent on the TV news network CNBC.

As Chief International Correspondent for CNBC, Michelle traveled the world reporting live from Cuba, Iran, Ukraine, Iraq, Italy, Russia, Venezuela, and Latin America. She reported on and analyzed numerous global events and financial crises including the Greek debt crisis, the Brexit vote, the 2008 US financial crisis, not to mention the US elections.

Michelle was named one of the “100 Most Influential Hispanics” in the country by Hispanic Business Magazine, and Broadcaster of the Year from the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.

Michelle has served on the board of Ballet Hispanico of NY for 16 years and currently serves as Board President.

Qualifications/ Experience

Relevant Private Sector Experience

  • Financial journalist, business analyst and television anchor at CNBC

Financial/ Business/ Compliance

  • Financial journalist, business analyst and television anchor at CNBC

Managerial Experience

  • Chief International Correspondent, CNBC (as Chief International Correspondent, Michelle led a large reporting team)
  • Board President, Ballet Hispanico
  • Michelle also served on the board of directors of a financial services firm

Track Record of Transparency and Accountability

  • Cabrera points to her background as an investigative journalist as a key asset in “following the money” and identifying who wins and who gets left behind.
  • Since launching her campaign for NYC comptroller, Michelle has been vocal when it comes to:
    • Greater accountability and transparency for nonprofits who are awarded contracts by the city (Source: Twitter)
    • Greater accountability & transparency from the Department of Education with regard to procurement (Source: Twitter)
    • Stripping Mayor de Blasio of his emergency executive spending/procurement powers, to restore the power of oversight to the comptroller (Source: Twitter)
  • As a journalist, Michelle rigorously worked to hold key financial and political figures accountable, and promote greater transparency through her reporting (Source: Twitter)
  • Remarks about Michelle by CNBC’s Nikhil Deogun, editor in chief and senior vice president Business News, and Mark Hoffman, Chairman: Her ability to shape a story and ask penetrating and provocative questions in her interviews has made her a role model for many journalists.

Investment Strategy

  • Cabrera’s primary focus will be to fulfill her fiduciary responsibility to maximizing long-term returns and minimizing risk
  • Cabrera will divest from fossil fuels and any businesses that support human trafficking or modern slavery.
  • Cabrera will advocate for increasing the assets placed under management by women and minority asset managers.

Audit Strategy

  • Cabrera would use her investigative journalism background and skills as a financial analyst to “follow the money”.
  • As a candidate for NYC Comptroller, Michelle has said that the NYPD and Health & Hospitals would be the first two agencies that she would audit.
  • When asked how she would execute the job of comptroller differently than the current comptroller, scott stringer, Michelle has pointed to her intention to be more aggressive when it comes to using the power of the audit to hold the next mayor and city agencies accountable.