It Starts With You.

Your Vote

Can Change Everything Can Save Lives Can Build A Better New York City

It Starts With You.

Your Vote

Can Change Everything

Be informed to vote smart

InformNYC is bringing together like-minded organizations to educate NYC voters on the local issues and where city and state leaders and candidates stand on the issues that matter most.

Community Revitalization/Small Business Recovery
Public Safety
Homelessness/Serious Mental Illness
Fiscal Outlook

Important Dates

Voters mark your calendars if you want to choose the best candidates and have voting options, you must vote in the NY State Primaries. Many races are uncontested and candidates having a hard time jumping in due to re-districting happening now.

New Yorkers must actively vote and vote in the NY Primary elections to ensure we have Common Sense Leadership from the Democratic and Republican parties to prevent more leaders who ignore the needs of everyday New Yorkers.

NOTE: NY Primaries are closed, register as a Democrat or Republican, or be locked out to vote in the Primaries. Many elections will be decided in the primaries and this is often the only time voters have a choice. We recommend all NY State residents register for a party (you can switch back post-election) to have a say if who the parties put forth.

To vote in NY Primaries register by

February 14, 2022

NY State Primary Elections (When Voters Have Options)

June 28, 2022

NY State General Elections (Wait and Fewer Options)

November 8, 2022


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